Meet Our Dude Ranch Horses 


Cade is a lean and elegant saddlebred show boy. We affectionately call him "Prince Cuzco”, because he is such a diva. This beach blond baby know is beautiful, and he knows it! A little more fiesty, he's reserved for our more advanced riders and for show lessons!

A gorgeous show horse with lots of talent, Cade is wonderful at arena work and will always accept a peppermint at the end of the day.


Sadie is a big Quarter Horse with as much heart as she has muscle! Sadie has more go than whoa and is a ton of fun to ride. She is truly a ranch horse, nothing phases her, and she will go anywhere you ask her to, without fear.

She is incredibly sure-footed, and she settles into a happy, comfortable pace on the trails. Sadie will take care of you over any terrain.


Vinny is a big off-the-track Thoroughbred with a huge heart and Triple Crown blood! This sweet boy has long, smooth strides, and nothing phases him on the trail! He’ll go anywhere and everywhere with you, especially if you scratch his forehead!

Did we mention that he is the great-great grandson of Secretariat and the great grandson of Seattle Slew?


Honor is a bombproof off-the-track Thoroughbred with a quiet, steady mind. She truly is a sweet horse that loves to take care of everyone. She will do anything you ask her to with smooth, quiet steps and truly cares about her rider.

We lovingly refer to her as “Mama Bear”, and she truly lives up to that name!


Izzy is a strong and steady draft cross; we affectionately call her our “White Tractor!” This quiet girl is a gentle giant who enjoys her snacks and lazy walks through the woods.

A gorgeous sport horse with lots of talent, Izzy is wonderful at arena work but prefers her slower lifestyle on the trails. 


Bubblegum is our resident perfect pony! She absolutely loves kids and knows all the trails as well as we do; she takes care of everyone. She is happy to walk the trails at a lazy pace but also has no problem getting up and moving when asked.

She is a true ranch pony and is a favorite among everyone! Bubblegum is totally bombproof and so much fun! 


Allure is a cute little Tennessee Walking Horse that loves everyone. She is very attached to her buddies and never wants to leave their side; there’s not a person or a horse she won’t make her best friend! She has an old injury in her leg that has retired her to easier work, but she has no complaints because she loves it! She especially loves kids and being led around for pony rides. She has a kooky personality that brings a smile to everyone’s face. 


Bella is by far the largest horse at Callidora Ranch, with her head alone being longer than the entirety of my torso! But don't let that fool you. She's the most gentle and sweet lady we've got in these parts.

She's been known to be the perfect easy ride for kids and adults alike (and a dream to sit on bareback).


Calusa is a stunning paint horse with more sweetness and talent than her little body can hold. With a past career in mounted archery, she is brave, willing, and an uncomplicated ride.

Calusa is another resident “perfect pony” who is as trustworthy as they come! Point her nose in the direction you want to go and she will take you there no questions asked. She has smooth, collected gaits that feel like riding butter and she is never in a hurry to get anywhere.


Benito is a gorgeous Haflinger horse that we rescued from an auction. He has been in bad situations in the past, and it still takes him a while to trust people. This strong boy has as much spirit as he does hair! He has come such a long way and is now in great shape and loves to run around his pasture.

We have watched his personality emerge more and more, and we have high hopes for this fiery boy!


Captain—firstborn of Honor—was birthed right here on our farm! He has been a favorite since the day he was born, being just as sweet and steady as his mother.

During the summer of 2018, Captain had an injury in his eye that resulted in it having to be removed, but that hasn’t slowed him down a bit! He is an opinionated little fellow who loves people and isn’t scared of anything. We are excited to watch him continue to grow!


Percy is a Quarter Horse cross with a puppy dog personality. He is always happy to see people and will come up to everyone in the pasture.

He’s calm and steady and loves his snacks, especially those yummy trail plants! This sweet boy loves life on the ranch; he is happy to go with the flow and follow you anywhere.


Indigo is a sassy redhead who rules the roost! Her fun personality makes the trails that much more fun. She loves the woods and knows them like the back of her hoof. She’s a strong ranch horse who will go anywhere you ask her to; she isn’t phased by anything.

Indigo is very playful and can commonly be found tossing around her pasture’s water hose! 


Breezy is a 19-year-old Quarter Horse, but don’t let his age fool you; this tall boy has lots of energy! He is a fancy mount you can ride with one hand, and he has the stamina to go all day.

He loves range rides and will go anywhere you point his head. He is calm and steady and perfect for everyone!


Let's be honest, Duke is a cowboy's best friend! He's our old, original cow-herding boy. Smart, a good listener, and quick on his feet. You'd never guess his age! 

He's the perfect ride for experienced and new riders alike, and a sure-fire fun time. Especially if you want to learn the ropes of cattle herding with a private lesson!

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