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Are Beef Shortages in our Future? Walk with me for a few minutes to learn a little bit about how beef and other proteins make it to your plate. Beef and other protein products flow primarily through three channels. 1. Retail grocery: 42% of beef sold in the U.S. is sold in the retail grocery […]

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Beef Shortages?

Is organic beef really better? (The answer might surprise you!) A common question among beef consumers is what are the differences between organic beef vs. grass-fed beef? You may be one of the many who find themselves wondering… is organic beef really better? There can be a lot of confusion in regards to where our […]

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Is Organic Beef Really Better?

Grass fed cattle

Horseback riding in Atlanta has recently become a more and more popular activity and pastime! What’s more, its really good exercise and highly therapeutic. But Atlanta is a huge city, and you’re probably wondering… Where is the best horseback riding in Atlanta? Well I’m so glad you’re asking! Today I’m going to share with you […]


The Best Horseback Riding in Atlanta

A mother and son horseback riding at Callidora Ranch near Atlanta on a white horse in tandem.

So you’re in Atlanta, either visiting or a seasoned local, and you’re looking for Atlanta attractions for families. You’ve come to the right place! We’ve been Georgia natives for over 20 years (just outside Atlanta). And because of that, we have an inside scoop on all the best experiences and adventures Atlanta has to offer! […]


Atlanta Attractions for Families You Don’t Want to Miss!

Atlanta family attractions and adventures at Callidora Ranch on ATV

You may have never thought to buy Angus beef from a Georgia ranch before, and thats ok! We’re here to share with you why this is one of the greatest ideas you may not have thought of before. We’ll discuss why we love Angus beef, what makes our Georgia ranch so special, why its important […]


Why Buy Angus Beef From A Georgia Ranch

Black Angus beef bulls resting under a Georgia tree on Callidora Ranch's open range.

If you’re looking for a dude ranch in Georgia, you’ve probably felt that its impossible to have a real guest ranch experience in the Southeast. There are so many farms, horse ranches, and guest stays that just don’t quite “fit” the criteria for a dude ranch! Wether you’re from Florida, South Carolina, or our home […]


Best Dude Ranch in Georgia

Ranch family attractions in Atlanta, try our open range ride at Callidora Ranch Adventures!

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