Callidora Ranch is a real working cattle, hog and sheep ranch that has expanded its operation into equine and all terrain adventures.  We want to share our beautiful ranch by providing you with some real fun and memory making moments on horseback, four wheelers and side-by-side UTV’s.  There is nothing more exciting and wholesome than a day at a real working farm  and actually participating to whatever degree you want knowing that at the end of the day the worst thing that could happen is that you will need a shower.

The word Callidora means gift of beauty.  On February 12th, 2012, The Rancher made an appointment to see the land.  The very next day, after touring it for several hours, he fell in love.  He called wife and told her how beautiful the land was and that if God would grant him the land, he would consider it a gift.  Three days later, The Farmers signed the papers and took ownership of the land (yes that is correct, closed in three days). Based on that experience, while having dinner with some close and favored friends only a few hours after the purchase, the idea of naming the place came up in conversation.  It was decided. . . . . . . Callidora.  It is the Greek word for gift of beauty.  The name today serves as a reminder that in all aspects of life, God has made everything beautiful and He has desires for human input that can draw out that beauty.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit to Callidora Ranch so much that before leaving, you make plans for your next return.