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Callidora Ranch is your premier Dude Ranch in the Southeast! Wondering what a dude ranch is? It's is a real-working cattle, hog, and sheep ranch that has expanded its operation into equine (and, in our case, all terrain) adventures. It’s perfect for the whole family to get unique, hands-on ranch experiences and to have some fun! 

We want to share our beautiful ranch with you. And after years of working, development, and growth, we can finally provide you one-of-a-kind experiences & memory-making moments on horseback and Ranch participation tours! We know from experience that there is nothing more exciting and wholesome than a day at the ranch, especially when you’re actually able to participate as little, or as much, as you like! Just know that, at the end of the day, you may have had more fun working your way to a much-needed shower (which we have on site) than you’ve had in years!


also producing pasture raised, dry aged, All Natural, Black Angus beef that is free from growth hormones.

Adventure Vacations for families.

Experience western
 lifestyle on a Luxury Ranch!

Experience western lifestyle on a Luxury Ranch!

Experience the legendary hospitality and enchanting beauty of the Southeast’s premier luxury dude ranch in Georgia! Perfect for the whole family, Callidora Ranch offers adventures in horseback riding, western ranch experiences, and a warm, welcoming, five star service amidst the romance of a southern ranch retreat.

Our Georgia luxury dude ranch resort accommodations feature splendid southern ranch homes sprinkled throughout our gorgeous range, with easy access to our spacious main lodge. Our main guest lodge and surrounding areas feature classic Western installations and curated art, as well as the delightful amenities of a luxury ranch resort. Families and couples alike will step out of the modern world and enjoy a truly relaxing and unique experience, surrounded by incomparable scenery, a wide variety of wildlife and livestock, and some of the most exciting Western adventures in the United States.

Come join us for a wonderful retreat from the everyday and truly experience a Western vacation made for the whole family!




Miles of Trails




working Cattle Ranch

Curious to know the story of how Callidora Ranch began? 

When our family found this land in February of 2012, we immediately fell in love. My father, Raul, told us that if God would grant us the land, he would truly consider it a gift. The word Callidora means "gift of beauty” in Greek. The name today serves as a reminder to us that this land and all of the ranch facilities—our labor of love—were first given to us as a beautiful gift of God. Over the years, we’ve researched and developed a vision to go from just a working, sustainable livestock ranch to a truly exciting, yet peaceful getaway! And what began as an overflow of joy to share with our immediate friends and family, is now something special that we can also extend to you.

Traditional All Natural Georgia Grass-Fed Beef


Black Angus Beef raised right: humanely and without hormones

We’ve been blessed to raise Black Angus cattle on our family ranch for 9 years now. And like God intended, they live naturally. Our cattle happily roam our expansive Georgia range from calving until harvest. And while supplemental growth hormones in cattle have been shown to pose no risk to human health, we prefer to let nature run its course when it comes to delivering superior Georgia beef. We are committed to following humane handling practices for our herd every step of the way, from calving to processing.

By allowing our cattle to mature on nature’s schedule, we’re able to give you the perfect amount of marbling in each cut of beef with the unmistakable flavor that grain-finishing delivers.

We offer our ranch raised beef in quarter, half, and whole bulk beef sizes for pick-up in Georgia and boxed ground beef collections that ship from the ranch right to your door. We ship every Monday and we offer free shipping in Georgia, or flat rate shipping for all other locations.

Meet the Callidora Family!



General Manager,

Lead Horse Trainer,

Lead Medical,

Head of Digital Media,

Lead Farm Tech,

All hands on deck for our July 4th extravaganza! Kayla, David, Hannah, Alyssa, Michaiah, Landon, Lily, Christian, Genel, Abraham, Madeline, and Emily!  Not pictured: Raul & Janelle

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