Dude Ranch in Georgia

Dude Ranch in Georgia


Working Cattle Ranch offering vacation adventures in North Georgia

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Located minutes from Historic Madison GA, Callidora Ranch provides exciting horseback riding adventures on 300 beautiful acres in Georgia. Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about showing you ranch life! Experience a real working cattle farm, horseback rides, and agricultural participation tours. You can participate as little or as much as you want!


God's Beautiful Gift

Real working cattle and horses

Dude Ranch in Georgia

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Horseback Riding and Trail Rides in Georgia

Our Ranch Adventures

From adventure trail rides to riding lessons, and even more advanced experiences in our state of the art equestrian facilities— You'll love horseback riding at our Ranch in North Georgia. We have a wide variety of horses! There is something for everyone's level of comfort and riding style at Callidora Ranch. 

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Our Ranch Adventures

A safe and fun way for the whole family to experience a real working cattle ranch! Plus, our hundreds of acres are begging to be explored, beyond where a horse can take you. This way you really can see it all!

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Horseback Riding Lessons

Our Ranch Adventures

We have extensive equestrian training facilities, offering space to come learn how to ride in both the Western and English disciplines, work with a variety of horses no matter your skill level, and even riding camps for kids in the Summer! So wether you're new to horses, seeking horse therapy, or wanting to advance your training for shows and competitions— Callidora Ranch is the best equestrian training facility in Georgia for the job! We'll see you soon!

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Range Rides

Our Ranch Adventures

The Range Ride gets you out into the midst of all the action. Spend an hour or even two and ride through the fields with the cows and experience the scenery from a whole different perspective. For couples or riders looking to create a new adventure, you can ride with your horses side-by-side and enjoy conversation as you enjoy the trail, ravines, and open pastures. 

You can even venture out with lunch in your saddlebags and find the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet meal (just add lunch with your ride).

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Pony Obstacle Course

Our Ranch Adventures

Let the adventures begin as you weave your way through our wooded obstacle course. You ride through tunnels, cross bridges, climb steps, squeeze your way through tight spaces and even walk through water. This is a one of a kind course built just for kids and ponies. 

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A Day in the Life of a Georgia Dude Ranch Horse

Meet the Ranchers

Meet Raul and Genel, the owners of Callidora Ranch!

They're passionate about everything they put their minds to, and sure have enjoyed running a cattle ranch! It was so exciting for them to open up their dude ranch in Georgia for horseback trail rides,  agricultural participation tours and lodging. They love to get to share the beauty and joy they've experienced through Callidora with you and your family too!

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